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About the Ho Chi Minh City Ung Buou Cancer Hospital

The Ho Chi Minh City Ung Buou Cancer Centre is the only hospital of its kind in the south of Vietnam. It treats cancer in all its forms in children and adults. The children's ward has 130 in patients in seven rooms each containing 4 beds. There are also 200 outpatients.

The children are very ill and many are fighting infections as well as cancer. The doctors and nurses are doing the best they can to treat them with limited resources. As a result of this, cases with a high chance of being cured are given priority. There are 6 doctors and 16 nurses to care for all the children staying there.

As there are few nurses to care for the children their families stay with them as well. This makes the rooms vastly overcrowded. Children can often be found receiving treatment on the floor or under beds. Many children have infections due to the conditions. The hospital estimates 75% of the children currently being treated will not live beyond the next five years.

Tom Christie, a teacher at ILA, is the ILACN Coordinator for the Ho Chi Minh City Ung Buou Cancer Hospital.  If you would like to volunteer at or donate to the Cancer Hospital please send an email to ilacn@ilavietnam.com