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The ILA Community Network (ILACN) aims to make a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged children in the communities in which ILA operates.

ILA teachers, staff, students and their families donate their time and money to a broad range of on-going projects. We buy equipment, repair and improve buildings, support education and health care, assist staff in established centres, arrange for trips away and play days, teach English and many other things. We direct our efforts towards projects that help the children in an immediate and on-going way.

All operating costs of the ILA Community Network are covered by ILA Vietnam so that 100% of every contribution received goes directly to the intended recipient. Also, we do not give money to any organisation. We find out what is needed most, make the purchases ourselves and deliver to the organisations that we support.

We are currently raising money to sponsor Christmas gifts for all the chidlren at all the shelters. You can sponsor a gift by purchasing a "gift tag" for 100 000VND. You sign the gift tag and then when we deliver the presents we will take photo so you can see who recieved your gift! Please contact ilacn@ilavietnam.com if you have any questions.

Our activities

We currently provide regular support through our team of ILA volunteers and helpers to the following centres. Please click on each link below to find out more. about the individual centres;

What we do  

  • Assist staff in the centres above

  • Raise money for essential equipment, improvements and repairs (See items you can donate)

  • Support on-going education (school fees)

  • Organise ‘fun days’ and trips out

  • Teach English

  • Assist people to purchase supplies

  • Run projects to improve the environments and prospects of disadvantaged children

  • Show that we care and spread a little hope and sunshine

  • Raise awareness both within Vietnam and overseas

Our policies

  • We aim to do all our volunteer work with understanding and respect

  • Make sure everything ILACN receives goes directly to the intended recipients. (All our operating costs are run by ILA)

  • All money raised is spent on approved projects and we always fundraise with a specific purpose

  • We provide all donors with feedback. This is usually a receipt, a thank you note and photographic evidence


Getting Involved

If you would like more information, or are interested in getting involved, please contact us at ilacn@ilavietnam.com